UI/UX Audit

UX Design Audit provides an unbiased and objective view of the website/app’s strengths and weaknesses. It also provides its designers with an actionable design direction.

Our Unique Approach

In UI/UX audit we analyze your digital product’s usability and functionality, balancing best practices within any industry with the special qualities of your business to propose the best approach to success. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, we’ll learn more about your users, their habits, and their behavior. This gives us a large amount of data that we can draw upon to tailor solutions unique to your business.

What you will get with our UX/UI audit?

  • A detailed report with findings from Google Analytics and Hotjar  
  • A detailed explanation of usability issues found on the main pages such as Homepage, Category page, Product page, Cart, and Checkout, as well as suggested solutions for them.
  • A detailed overview of user interface elements that should be improved
  • Summary of all findings with listed top priorities
  • Find out how satisfied participants are with your Web site or other product.

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    Benefits of UI/UX Audit

    User Retention

    An understanding of the current and future needs, goals, and behavior of customers

    Quick Suggestions

    Actionable solutions (based on actual evidence) that support business goals

    Business Contribution

    Increased conversions, engagement, and ROI

    How UI/UX Audit testing is conducted?

    Our extensive UI/UX Audit process consists of these steps

    1. Understand the goals

    Our UI/UX experts discuss the main business and usability objectives with stakeholders with the help of a workshop.

    2. Review the website/app

    With the help of heuristics evaluation and design principles framework, our team goes through the customer journey, and brand guidelines and reviews your website/app.

    3. Record findings

    We create an evaluation document that records the main UX/UI obstacles and gaps in style, hierarchy, and typography.

    4. Recommend Solutions

    We suggest solutions, roadmaps, quick wins, and strategic design directions in the form of a detailed report.

    UI/UX Audit