Smart Tipping A/B testing


A/B testing or split testing is a marketing experiment tool, in which you test several forms of a campaign by segmenting your audience and determining which performs better. In other words, you can show version A of a product to half of your audience and version B to the other.

UT conducted this usability testing for “ an online food ordering and delivery service provider.

  • Created different versions of the website and conducted A/B testing on its elements to discover the best-performing versions that helped in improving the user experience.
  • We have tested a smart default for the tipping option on the checkout page to increase sales.
  • Experience Live App

Usability Testing Report

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Key Learnings…

For businesses to flourish in the highly competitive market, the client must build a scalable experimentation culture.

SEO, content, paid marketing, and advertising may help drive more traffic to a website, but A/B testing brought a culture of experimentation that can get more conversions and high revenues for the business.

UT redesigned its mini cart, and the client saw a two times increase in overall growth.

Users were finding it difficult to see the total of each item in the cart. We added a ‘remove’ button on the right side of each item (to avoid unwanted clicks and the total value of each product).

Added a CTA button to the top of the page to help users quickly jump to the main cart page.

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