Industries We Work For

With Usability Testing (a.k.a. UT), we will give you a deeper understanding of users’ needs and insights into user behavior with your products/services. Additionally. We will provide you feedback on the design from real users and solutions for problems (if you want).

We are a group of highly qualified and motivated people who work hard to improve your design and make your product more efficient.

Currently, we provide solutions for six industries:


User research and user testing is a methodical study of target audiences (user needs, paint points using the digital product) so that designers have every possible insight and they could provide solutions to create the best design. 

IoT is transforming the healthcare industry by redefining the use of mobile devices and people interaction in delivering convenient healthcare solutions. IoT has applications in healthcare that benefit patients, people, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.

To make the IoT easier @UT, we have various methods to explore problems and design opportunities for the healthcare industry.


Digital products for the education sector have made a huge impact on our lives. With the help of IoT, users can get an education with digital media, with an improved learning experience.

If you’re working or developing an EdTech product, UT can help you improve your Edtech product and provide solutions for the problem areas. We can bring more value to your target audience and create a branding reputation.


UT is helping businesses to understand customer experience (CX) strategies, with this exercise we define- product defining, planning and organization-wide approach to improve the user experience.

We have a great experience with recognized clients from all around the world and they have shown noticeable business growth after taking usability testing from us.

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With advancements in technology and IoT, many businesses are taking their services to the digital platform, including the Logistics industry.

We all know that the logistics services play a key role in making other industries work well. 

If you are owning a digital product for a logistics business, we can help you grow by conducting usability testing.


Fintech, or financial technology, can be referred to as technological innovation in the design and products for financial services.

By conducting UT, we will provide user insights into your app, website, products, and services. We will expose issues on using your digital products and also we will give solutions.

With usability testing you can get user research, usability test, how easy-to-use your product is, and feedbacks from real users.

Real Estate

In today’s tech-savvy world, people are more like to research online before going out to see or buy a property. 

Many real estate businesses have made a great online presence of their business, to get more involved with technology and to meet changing consumer habits. With so many options available online, users are more likely to switch to competitor brands if the usability of your product is not as per the user’s needs.

UT can help to develop your product and design your app/website so that your audience can have a better experience and be more engaged with your services.