Case Studies

At UT we will provide you with deeper insights into user behavior and the need of your audience. With that, we will give you feedback on the design and functionality of your product/services, also solutions for the problematic areas if you want. Using several online and personal tools, we can help you make your sites and apps perform better, look better, and get you more business.

Best Reviews Usability Testing

The website has been upgraded and adapted for greater user engagement. By analyzing market trends and user needs, we have enhanced the website for “Best Reviews” to create better user engagement.

Starlux Games User Experience Review

UT enhanced the overall user experience for “Starlux Games”. We helped with the listing of missed products/games and worked on website landing pages.

eCommerce Mobile Website User Testing

UT collaborated with “Doris Leslie Blau” to understand buyers’ perceptions on the mobile platform. Simulation testing was conducted, and perceptions, navigation, and trips were tested to gain real insights from NYC users.

eHeat Usability Testing

At UT we were tasked to conduct user research on various digital assets for “eHeat” that cater to their ecosystem of consumers, architects, dealers, etc. We identified friction points on multiple UX parameters and provided solutions to improve user experiences.

Indus hospital mobile app for iOS

UT has designed and developed an iOS mobile app for “Indus hospitals” so that the patient can connect with the doctor immediately. Our focus was always on creating an easy-to-use mobile app and we finally made it an easy-to-use doctor appointment booking mobile app.

Let’s Get Optimized Case Study

UT helped in the transformation of the app for better user engagement for “Let’s Get Optimized”. We have done this by analyzing the market trend and user needs to enhance the overall user experience.

iSpec DMS- Enterprise Doc Management App

We helped customize “iSpec DMS” a document management app for enterprises and companies. We did usability testing and auditing to gain insight into their user requirements.

Testimonials A/B Testing- AdoramaPix

This test was run for “AdoramaPix” an online photo printing service. We tested social proof on landing pages for photo prints to increase sales (real purchases).

Smart Tipping A/B testing

This test was run for “menufy” an online food ordering and delivery service provider. We have tested a smart default for the tipping option on the checkout page to increase sales.