User Research

User research is a research study of your target audience and user interactions to guide the functionality and design of your app or website. With this research and data, we identify and resolve the right problems for the overall user experience.


Research Plan

  • We craft a customized research plan for questions to ask and how we’ll find the answers.

Research Report

  • We compile key insights from both a holistic and research-methodology-specific perspective.

Research Guides

  • We create research guides for each primary and secondary research method.

Solution Recommendations

  • We provide a list of improved solutions and recommendations for your product.

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    User Research Process

    Discovery & Understanding

    User interviews
    (structured, unstructured)


    Insight & Analysis

    Use observation of similar products

    Competitive analysis

    Industry insights

    User Segmentation

    Synthesized brand guide based on findings
    (quantitative, qualitative)

    Synthesis & Roadmaps

    Usability testing
    (moderated and unmoderated)

    Use Analytics

    A/B testing

    User interviews
    (structured, unstructured)

    UX Research Best Practices

    • Always have a cohesive strategy for research, but keep plans flexible. An insightful research hinges on a willingness to divert from the plan.
    • Be creative: Unique situations deserve unique perspectives.
    • Research approaches with constant curiosity.
    • Research should be a continuous process – not just a one-and-done.