Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile app development involves building apps for particular mobile operating systems, and users access them from dedicated app stores (App Store or Google Play). Such apps would be built with the programming languages and tools that are specific to the platform – i.e., Swift for iOS app development & Kotlin for Android app development.

Our Mobile App Development Services

If you expect your app to be more intuitive, beautiful, and user-friendly at the same time – you are in the right place. Get your website and application development with the utmost care for functionality and visual quality.

iOS App Development

We are full-service providers of iOS development for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch using native app development technology, i.e., Swift programming.

Android App Development

Our Android developers create beautiful, scalable, and high-performance apps for android devices; smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.

API Development

At UT our professional team creates scalable and secure APIs that enable your digital product/mobile app to interact with current and latest third-party systems.

Quality Assurance

To assure the code quality, we use manual and automated both types of testing on all mobile products we build.

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    How UT can help your company with mobile app development services?

    UT helps companies design, develop, and scale beautiful, user-centric mobile apps. We use an iterative and in-depth approach that includes user research, strategy, design, and software development. 

    UI/UX Strategy

    We create a pixel-perfect high designs of the application experience does not matter its for web or mobile app.

    Agile Apps Development

    We establish your application code, hosted on Github, BitBucket, or GitLab.

    App & Play Store Submission

    We do app submission & acceptance and build out your App Store page. 

    The native mobile app development process

    App development process

    1. Requirements Analysis

    Initially, you share your idea about your product or app and fill in the brief or share the project documents with our team. Based on this, our developers and designers come up with a product concept, write specifications, and help you choose technologies and implementation plans.

    2. UX Strategy

    We collect and analyze your requirements and go through your business idea and the user needs to create a relevant UX strategy based on the product’s demand. As a result, the client gets some concrete deliverables: use cases, user flow maps, personas, and information architecture.

    3. UI Design

    After defining users’ core business functions and goals, we proceed to UI design and develop unique product wireframes. These wireframes are later transformed into a prototype that you can click on. Our prototypes include transitions, animations, interactions, and adaptive design for multiple screen resolutions.

    4. Development

    Our development team builds the frontend and backend parts of the required system elements and customizes the CMS modules if required. All the process is iterative, design-driven, and followed by cross-browser testing. Additionally, we may integrate any third-party services of your choice.

    5. Quality Assurance

    Our QA and Test Engineers take steps to ensure that the software works as it should. We provide both manual and automated testing of website development services to our clients. Post-project monitoring and analytics help our clients monitor quality and implement necessary improvements when required.

    6. Post-release Support

    Our developers take this step to ensure that the software works as expected. We provide both manual and automated testing of website and app development services to our clients. Post-project monitoring and analytics help to monitor quality and implement necessary improvements when needed.