Best Reviews Usability Testing

The website provides comprehensive, in-depth product reviews for products of top brands and models in the market and also offers its customers the best prices available on the Internet.

With UT, the website has been upgraded and adapted for greater user engagement. By analyzing latest market trends and user needs, we have enhanced the website for “Best Reviews to create better user engagement.

Best Reviews Usability Testing
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Executive Summary

  • Users expected to see a traditional rating system (i.e. 4.8 out of 5 ratings based on 220 reviews) that they have become familiar with. 
  • Users expected a personalized product page with specific information (price, numerical rating, specs, etc.).
  • The site tested better on desktop than mobile.
  • Users loved the navigation treatment which provided an option to “view all categories”.
  • Users thought pages were too long/too wordy.
  • Users wanted to see the quantitative ranking of products.
  • Users liked “Grid View” on the desktop page.
  • The rankings on the category and sub-category pages (i.e. #1 in Small Appliances) were not clear.
Executive Summary
Research Methodology

Research Methodology

  • Selected participants were contacted and invited to sign up for one-to-one sessions.
  • Test sessions were conducted and recorded on Zoom meetings.
  • Half of the trials started with the mobile version and the other half started with the desktop.
  • Testers used a combination of their screen and the moderator’s screen (to avoid sending the prototype URL to the testers)
  • If users were unable to control the screen, moderators navigated for them based on their commands
  • Tester comments are color code.
    • Red = Negative Experience
    • Gold = Neutral Experience
    • Green = Good Experience

Participant Information

1.ASDetroit, MI20sFemale
2.JEColorado Springs, CO20sMale
3.ECLos Angeles, CA20sMale
4.JNTampa, FL50sFemale
5.LMDenver, CO60sFemale
6.WBCharlotte, NC50sFemale
7.AMBowling Green, OH20sMale
8.SODetroit, MI40sFemale
9.JMCharlotte, NC30sFemale
10.RG*Columbus, OH70sMale
*RG’s wife recently bought a Sous Vide machine

Usability Testing Report

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Our Redefining impact

With our extensive usability testing methods, we helped the client understand the usage consumption, the type of content shared on their platform, the frequency of use of the website by audiences, and how user-friendly their website was.

Our report had an in-depth knowledge of the current market trends and user needs. This helped them to get a better understanding of their target audience and build their online product to meet their needs.

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