iSpec DMS- Enterprise Doc Management App 

We helped in the optimization and customization of “iSpec DMSa document management app for enterprises and companies. We did usability testing and auditing to gain insight into their user requirements.

  • Interacted with the mobile app on the remote device.
  • Checked usability functions like tap, scroll, zoom, swipe, and more.
  • Debugged the app, viewed crash reports, and logs, inspected UI elements, and used the stack trace to actively fix bugs.
iSpec DMS Enterprise Doc Management App
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Usability Testing Report

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Our Redefining impact

With our extensive user testing we helped them understand the usage consumption, the type of content shared on their platform, the frequency of usage of the website by users, and how user-friendly the website was.

The app works efficiently on a real device. We conducted usability tests for multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems, all from a single cloud platform.

Our report had an in-depth knowledge of the current market trends and user needs. This helped them to get a better understanding of their target audience and build their online product to meet their needs.

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