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A/B testing or split testing is a marketing experiment tool, in which you test several forms of a campaign by segmenting your audience and determining which performs better. In other words, you can show version A of a product to half of your audience and version B to the other.
This test was run for “AdoramaPixan online photo printing service. We tested social proof on landing pages for photo prints to increase sales (real purchases).

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Key Learnings…

Whatever the testing goal is, always evaluate each of them separately. Also, with a clearly defined goal, we can measure the test well and analyze the results more effectively.

Choose the best method that suits user needs. For this client, website visitors belong to different groups of people, so we conducted remote testing to reach high quality with participants from all over the world.

During testing, it is important to be consistent in terms of sequence and assignments. Even for testing with undocumented remote users, it’s important to give them clear and concise instructions.

Summarize your results and organize reports according to the type of testing used. We created a customer journey map that defines how customers engage and interact with the website.

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